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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  June 29, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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terror in turkey. dozens dead. almost 150 more injured when three suicide bombers target istanbul's airport, and attack, beginning with gunfire. dramatic video capturing the moments the bombs exploded. all signs point to isis. welcome to "early start" i'm alison kosik. >> good morning, it's wednesday, june 29th, i'm christine romans. 36 people dead, 147 wounded out
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of turkey's istanbul international. three attackers before detonating suicide vests. there has been no immediate blame for responsibility for the attack but the turkey prime minister says all signs point to isis as the likely culprit behind the fifth major bombing in istanbul this year. now, surveillance video, catching the very moment one bomb exploded. witnesses describing the scene. >> we heard the blast. there was a big blast. then a few minutes later. another one followed. then we saw a lot of people running around. they were all covered in blood. >> i tried to keep as calm as possible. but, you know there was a lot of people falling down on the ground. not knowing what's going on. no one was really clear what was happening. >> just chaotic scene.
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it looked like somebody had gone around with a bulldozer and just shredded the whole entrance to the terminal. bloody rags just lying around on the floor. it was pretty horrific. not much fun being inside the terminal after it had gone off because no one had a sense of where to run. >> that is the airport that has since opened within the last few hours. i want to bring in alexandra field. brings up to speed. >> reporter: good morning, this airport is reopened, i just touched down here. i was inside that terminal. there's certainly an eerie feeling, of course, as you walked through those halls. they're doing very quick work to get this airport back open and to eliminate some of the signs of horrific bombing that took place just hours ago. it looks more than like a construction site. 'the screen of this horrific disaster so many killed and so many were wounded. this is the entrance to the
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airport behind me. you can see that cars are going through that security checkpoint once again. this is the same spot where so many taxis pull up to drama off passengers and people are coming here to pick up loved ones. we know that the three suicide bombers in this attack arrived at the airport in a taxi. two made their way into the arrival hall. one dead natutonated his bomb o in the parking lot. you can see there are spot s where youwalk through where you can see shattered glass. but there was also surveillance cameras running at the time of the crash they captured those horrific moments. you can see the bombs detonate. you can see people running for their lives. scattered. the wounded fall to get ground. you can see one officer who heroically steps in. he opens fire and that man falls to ground. quickly after that, another bomb
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detonated, christine. >> just really horrific. what kind of scene did you see inside once you arrived. we know it was international arrivals where two of these bombs were detonated. we know, alex, this is the third busiest airport in europe. it is a soft target. it san important target for isis being squeezed in the battlefield in iraq and syria. what kind of security did you see? >> reporter: and this is an airport that is typically heavily secured. so, questions are now being asked about how the suicide bombers are able to evade all of the layers in place at this airport. when you talk about the fact that this is one of the world's busiest airports. certainly didn't feel like that when you touched down. the airport just recently opened when my plane touched down. very few people in the baggage carousels. when you get to the arrival hall
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itself, there are quite a lot of people there. cleanup crews doing quick work to try and rebuild the damaged areas of this terminal to get it running back. looking the way it once did. what's amazing, really, that this airport is fully functional so quickly after the attacks. it's almost bizarre to walk through here and see very few signs of frankly, the carnage. they've done a lot of the cleanup. you do see the panes of glass blown out and the areas where they're working to reconstruction. but other than that, it's difficult to even imagine what people witnessed here inside that arrival hall just last night. >> alexandra field, we'll let you get back to the reporting there. >> there's so many questions about security that play out in an airport like istanbul's ataturk international. the former head of security at
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tel aviv ben guerin airport. one of the things i heard about the attack in istanbul, it seems eerily similar in some ways to the attack in brussels where you see the terrorists attacking the most vulnerable part of the airport. in this case, in istanbul, the international arrivals area of the airport. i know you obviously headed up security at ben guerin airport, one of the most security airport it's in world. i know they do preliminary searches on cars, taxis and buses even before they enter the compound of the airport. is that helpful? is that what all airports should be doing? >> well, it depends. i think it might be what we're reaching for, some airports that they do not -- they have not. but i think in the face of istanbul airport, especially
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nowadays, turkey, specifically istanbul has become the hot spot for terrorism. there has been a lot of warning up in here, both from the state department and the -- and others. that this type of measure could have been help fful. but this attack this morning is an escalation, mostly because this airport is considered much more secure than brussels airport. or other airports, western european airports. certainly, you can see the effect was very well planned. with a lot of the bold action taking place. that led to the number of
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casualties. >> that's right, three taattacks first opening fire in suicide vests and one in the aparking lot. the choice of an airport in brussels, turkey, or elsewhere is a prime location for someone like isis. they're being squeezed on the battlefield in iraq. syria, losing territory and looking for optimum public relations impact. an airport, all of these people busy. paying attention to other things. maybe necessarily having a situational awareness as you would in other spots. tell me a little bit about an airport as a target. >> well, i think in this case, it is very clear, turkey has been experiencing for the last six months or a little bit longer. a whole series of attacks. some of them very serious.
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including an attack -- an attack in ankara, where over 100 people were killed. all together, they had a series of -- if i'm not mistaken, of about 13 different attacks during the last year, with a clear escalation, with the choice of targets and the number of casualties. this is linked directly to the situation in the middle east. especially the situation turkey is in when it is on one hand, as some were saying culturally has been a fighting isis together with a coalition. and a growing sense of
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involvement in a situation with isis. we have to keep in mind, isis outside of the middle east is terrorism. even when some of it is correction in the middle east, you can see traces of terrorism. certainly, there are footprints in western europe and other parts of the world have been. so, turkey, and specifically, istanbul have been very much at the center of the event. and there's no wonder that the warning is there. >> thank you for that perspective. on that attack on that airport. >> good talking with you. >> thank you. hillary clinton and donald trump condemning the turkey terror attack but with very different messages. which candidate does the country trust more when it comes to taking on terrorism? that's next. ok team,
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harrisburg clinton and donald trump both condemning the terror attack on turkey but with very different messages. clinton releasing a statement that reads "today what's happened in istanbul only strengthens our resolve to defeat the forces of terrorism and radical jihadism around the world. we must deepen our cooperation with our allies in the middle east and europe to take on this threat. such cooperation is essential to protecting the homeland and keeping our country safe." . this as trump spoke in ohio with a more ominous warning. >> folks, there's something going on that's really, really bad, all right.
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it's bad. and we better get smart and we better get tough, or we're not go having much of a country left, okay? >> helping us break down the latest in the 2016 presidential race. cnn political analyst josh rogin, columnist for "the washington post." good morning. >> hey there. >> morning. >> we just heard from donald trump. we saw the statement from hillary clinton. clearly, we see donald trump feeding into the anxiety about terror attacks in general that most americans probably feel. is this effective? is this kind of scare tactic effective. >> well, actually, we have seen that donald trump's numbers in the polls have been relatively high, although they seem to be slipping now as what most people see as a stumble after the orlando attack. what we're seeing taking a very inward and america first view towards terrorism. keeping terrorists out of the united states.
2:17 am
whereas, hillary clinton is taking a much more outward %-ph nato. specific policies with the islamic state and iraq. whether or not that will be effective will be held in the polls but for right now, we see that clinton is doubling down on strategy. >> this is the abc news/"washington post" poll from june 20 or 23rd, clinton, 46%, trump, 28%. then this -- also, the same poll, which candidate do you trust to handle terrorism? clinton, 50%. trump, 39%. trump has been consistent on his, as you say, america first, let's get tough. tough, bad, smart, we're losing our country, folks. that has been his message over and over again. this response, his initial response, of course, to ban all muslims. you know, ban muslims and build a wall for the immigration problem. on the ban muslims, he's changed
2:18 am
that now and he's talking about banning people from terror countries. you look at the last five terror attacks, before this one, i mean, most of those people were belgium citizen, french citizens, american citizens. is trump not breaking through here anymore? >> yeah, i think you see his numbers on national security and terrorism going south. let's remember here, we have one presidential candidate with no national experience or governing experience at all. and one, hillary clinton who is probably the most experienced international security official ever to run for president. you would think that she's supposed to be way ahead. it was just never that way until recently. >> right. >> you know what we see with trump is sort of like this varying level -- top level without any specifics. now, the terror ban doesn't make any more sense than the muslim ban. he hasn't shown how it would work, if it would work. but that was enough until now. americans seeing these attacks
2:19 am
over and over, really thinking what about it means for us. they want to see more specifics and trump is just not giving them that. >> but it seems, josh, that terrorism is really overshadowing events on campaign trail. sometimes, more than others. this is something that can work, depending on what the language is, could work in donald trump's favor. could work in hillary clinton's favor. at the moment, donald trump's language seems to be retroactive. >> i think that's right. let's remember that trump is the one who made this the issue at the floor of the campaign. only last week, he criticized hillary clinton for not being awake during the 3:00 a.m. call. setting aside she was awake and it was 3:00 p.m. he's the one who is making this into a huge campaign issue and it seems to be back firing, right? and he still has time to come up with real popolicies and real p. the american people, now that he's got them focused on this
2:20 am
are demanding more than this is bad, this is smart. it's just not going to cut it. >> check your e-mail, we'll talk to you in a couple minutes. donald trump is claiming trade policies speaking at a factory outside of pittsburgh, trump promised sweeping changes. he would with draw from tpp, he would renegotiate nafta. and impose tariffs on unfair trading partners like china. critics say it would lead to a trade war. lost jobs for sure a recession. this is a speech clearly meant to appeal to white working class voters in rural areas who feel they have been left behind by globalization. left behind in the current economy. he blamed economic problems in the u.s. on, quote, a leadership class that worships globalization over americanism. now the chamber of commerce, usually a staunch supporter of republican candidates quickly issued a statement warning against trump's proposal saying
2:21 am
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welcome back. new details surfacing about that orlando gay nightclub the target of a mass shooting. documents that the city released showed 340 officers responded to the scene of the attack.
2:26 am
the records reveal that pus had 320 people inside that night. 21 more than legally allowed but the orlando fire department said recent checks found no critical life safety issues like blocked doorways. possible changes coming to a controversial transgender bathroom law in north carolina. house bill 2 requires individuals to use bathrooms corresponding to the gender listed on their birth certificate. but draft legislation would bring back woulds of the law. recognizing a person's gender reassignment. under the draft legislation, the new document would be treated just like a birth certificate. california voters will get to decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana. the measure which will be voted on in november, will allow people 21 and older to buy an ounce of marijuana and marijuana-infused products at
2:27 am
licensed areas and it would be where tobacco use is already banned. back to the top story. terror in turkey. three terrorists open fire and then blow themselves up in istanbul's airport. an attack with all signs pointing to isis. we're live -- next. this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where
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terror in turkey. 36 killed. 147 injured. as three suicide bombers attack istanbul's busy airport. dramatic surveillance video capturing the horrific moments. this morning, the airport reopening. investigators believe the attack is linked to isis. welcome back to "early start" this wednesday morning. i'm christine romans. >> good morning, i'm alison kosik. it's 30 minutes past the hour. breaking news, 36 people dead,
2:32 am
147 people wounded as terrorists hit turkey's third busiest airport, istanbul's ataturk airport. two bombs explode in the international terminal. the third in the nearby parking lot. there hasn't been any immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, but turkey's prime minister says all signs point to isis as the likely culprit behind the fifth major bombing in istanbul just this year. surveillance video catching the moment one bomb exploded. witnesses describe this horrific scene. >> we heard the blast. there was a big blast. then a few minutes later, another one followed. and then we saw a lot of people running around. they were all covered in blood. >> i tried to keep as calm as possible. but, you know, there was a lot of, you know, people falling down on the ground. not knowing what was going on. no one was really clear what was happening. >> just played out like a scene, it looked like somebody had had
2:33 am
gone out with a bulldozer and shredded the whole entrance to the terminal. bloody rags just lying around on the floor. it was pretty horrific. not much fun being in the terminal just after it went off because no one had a clue which way to run. >> just so horrific. that is turkey's airport reopening. alexandra field there live, brings us up to date on the latest. >> reporter: signs of that has been shrubbed away. it's eerie to be inside that airport. i touched down earlier this morning. there are very few people inside the terminal. but when you get to the arrival hall, the scene of deadly blast, you can see they've already come in and done a lot of the work. and they've already done it seems to be some of the reconstruction. they've torn out where the carnage happened where the deadly bombings took place.
2:34 am
we know there were three see side bombers who entered ataturk airport one detonating his bomb outside the airport, two inside the arrival hall. you see cars pulling in. investigators say the three bombers did arrive by taxi before two of them did make their way to the arrivals hall. when you're inside the building you can still see shattered glass. and a hole in the floor above one of the spot where is the bomb detonated. investigators have been here through the night and they've done a lot of their work and they're able to reopen the airport as it reopens to flights this morning. but the images of what happened here cannot be scrubbed from anyone's mind. there were cameras rolling at the time of the blast. you see them wounded. falling wounded to the ground, and the spot where so many laid and dies allison. at the same time, we're seeing video of a man carrying his gun
2:35 am
inside the terminal. we saw him shot by a security guard. he falls to the ground, moments later, one of those bombs detonates. >> alexandra, did the blast happening in the international arrivals area of the airport this is considered a very busy part of the airport where security is very good. is there any talk right now about what could have been missed about what was done -- what could have been done wrong securitywise? >> reporter: look, there's no doubt that there will be incredible resolve to determine how these attackers were able to make their way in through these levels of security. because as you take a look at that entrance to the airport, they do stop cars, they do check cars there. this is an airport where a lot of that has been made to secure the place for so many passengers who come in and out of here. it's one of the busiest airports in the world. certainly one of the businessest airports in the area, certainly in turkey. this is a place where they
2:36 am
stepped up efforts and there are twice prevent attacks like this. so, investigators have been in there through the night. they've been looking at spots where the blasts happened both inside and outside the airport. those are questioned answered today. but right now, there are no answers on how they're able to pull off the attack that so many countries and airports have worked so hard to try to prevent, particularly in the aftermath of something like this happening just like this in brussels just a few months ago. >> we have seen, alex, how they've sort of adjusted their methods as security has changed they've adjust third targets and their methods. what's interesting about this, they came in a taxicab, right? so, they would have had guns maybe hidden in baggage. we don't know that, an investigation will tell us that. one detonated in a parking lot because maybe he couldn't get security through the screening process. maybe that was the plan. two inside the arrival as hall. it's interesting you do a lot of
2:37 am
traveling, you've been in and out of big airports you look at something like this, and you think how can you make an airport safe? there are so many people coming and going, by definition, they're carrying a lot of stuff. pushing carts. security experts tells us overnight, alex, you just can't make an airport 100% secure? >> reporter: right. and every passenger who comes in and out of airports that could be considered targets or airports that would be targeted certainly should be aware and probably is aware of the inherent risk in this kind of travel. look, we know that really across the world so many efforts have been stepped up to try and prevent attackers from boarding airplanes. from, you know, preventing weapons to be brought on board. to prevent explosives from being brought on board. but we do know know that the departure hall and the arrivals hall are places that they have looked to target. they've done it in brussels. people are gathered en masse and
2:38 am
you can see the travelers coming in and out of the airport. certainly, the airports are looking at these as vulnerabilities. both the departures hall and the arrivals hall. now you've got the arrivals hall. yeah, passengers think they've made their way through the departure hall. landed on the other, collected their baggage. this is going to put in the forefront as long as they're in a public spot, we've got this international crowd gathering in a spot that could potentially be targeted you've got to be aware that something like this could happen. we've got to look at what additional measures could be implemented by airports to stop something like this from. happening. >> alex, at this point, no group is claiming responsibility but this attack certainly has all the hallmarks we hear from officials that it was isis? >> reporter: right. you're hearing officials here in turkey and also intelligence officials in the u.s. again, saying these are the haul
2:39 am
martian hallmarks of isis. and similarities to the brussels attack. you're looking at attack on civilians. an attack on an international population. a coordinated attack. again, you've got three assailants coming together in a taxicab. making their way through that area. christine and alison, that third attacker, had he intended to go into the airport or was the plan to detonate outside of the airport? was that part of the strategy? how busy is that park lot? that's something we haven't been able to lay eyes on. what i have seen, the arrivals hall, those are busy places. but it is really remarkable to see how much has been done in a very few hours to get this airport back open and to get some of this looking almost normal. i mean, you walk through the terminal and you do see areas where the glass has been blown out, shattered by the impact. but so much of this area has
2:40 am
been cleaned up. portions of the ceiling were moved altogether. portions of the wall were moved altogether. of course, this would have happened after investigators came in to do their work but just a really eerie feeling to know this was the scene of carnage so many people killed and wounded. such a big effort not only to get this cleaned up and open, but efforts that have been made. >> here in the u.s., alex, one the images on the front pages of all of the newspapers is this terrible image of a man carrying a little child through that airport. just a reminder of what devastation this has been for the people of turkey. they've had so many terrorist attacks just even this year. just a sad, sad story. and the death toll much too high. alex, thank you for being there with us. reporting there this morning. hillary clinton and donald trump reacting to the terror attack in turkey. in very different ways. we're going to bring that to you -- next.
2:41 am
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hillary clinton and donald trump both condemning the terror attack on turkey. but with very different messages this morning. clinton releasing this statement it reads "today's attack in istanbul only strengthens our resolve to defeat the forces of terrorism and radical jihadism around the world. we must deepen our cooperation with our allies and partners in the middle east and europe to take on that threat. such cooperation is essential to protecting the homeland in keeping our country safe." this as trump spoke to a crowd of thousands in ohio with a more ominous warning. >> folks, there's something going on that's really, really bad. all right. it's bad. and we better get smart and we better get tough, or we're not
2:46 am
going to have much of a country left, okay? >> all right. let's break this down. the latest in the race and how this attack plays into the dialogue. cnn political analyst josh roguen is a columnist for "the washington post." good morning, josh. >> good morning. >> i'm hearing two world views, two predictively world views from hillary clinton saying we've got to cooperate, we have to talk to our allies and have a policy that's conclusive. and donald trump looking right in and saying we've got to get tough. >> well, that's exactly right. i think out of this tragedy, we're seeing much more of a clear choice for voters than we have following the other recent terror attacks. and donald trump is very clear, he thinks that the best way to fight terrorism is by keeping it off of america's shore. and there's a lot of skepticism, especially coming from the hillary clinton campaign, but not only coming from the hillary clinton campaign that building walls or having policies like keeping muslims or people
2:47 am
quote/unquote terror states of the united states could solve these problems. remember that the orlando attackers were americanized americans. and istanbul attackers are not necessarily directed by isis but inspired by isis. we're going to have real choices whether or not they want to build walls around the united states or go into these countries and try to work it out from there. >> and one of the questions posed by americans in a new poll asking which candidate you trust defeating terrorism. you see hillary clinton getting 50%. and trump getting 39%. you know, you hear this plain talk with donald trump kind of trying to appeal to the anxieties of americans. trying to capitalize, almost, on the horrific terror attacks. it almost feels like he's invoking scare tactics to get voters on board to his way of thinking. >> well, i agree with that, but i also think there's a
2:48 am
recognition inside the trump campaign after the orlando attacks that trump's reaction to that incident really didn't play well with either republican leaders or republican voters. remember, he kind of took credit for it. he said he called it. and he asked people to stop congratulating him for calling it. and that seems tone-deaf on that day asking the scope of the tragedy. at least he's backed off on that, not making this all about donald trump. now we can get to the question, okay, are this policies, "a," actionable, and "b," something that the american people will think will work. we haven't seen the meat on those policies, on the campaign he's promised that he's going to explain exactly what he means. every time we hear was it a muslim ban, a terror ban, does it apply to family members, what's the vetting? the details just around there. >> well, the details aren't there. putting the meat on the policy, you look at the last five terror attacks before this one, belgian
2:49 am
citizens, french citizens, moroccan, americans. finding that and being able to nuance that, donald trump doesn't do nuance? >> right. it's not just that. it's not enough on the stage for nuance. even hillary clinton is not really talking about what would be needed to tackle this problem. sort of an approach that tackles the ideology of extremism. and syria, which means dealing with assad. these are complicated, multilayered problems. even though both candidates sort of laid out broad visions what would really be needed to really protect americans from this threat is something that neither one of them is "a," contemplating or "b," explaining to americans. >> josh, thank you for your expertise today. >> thank you. let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day" -- chris
2:50 am
cuomo joining us now. good morning, chris. >> good morning, ladies. in answer to the questions you guys are throwing around and it's the right question to be asking is that every time we have one of these attacks, it is a painfully obvious reminder that there's an obvious enemy in the form of isis. and that's where finger, pointing now. that's why the american voter does not require any subtlety. what they want is a direct and immediate approach to stopping this threat. you're hearing the same thing from turkey this morning. on the show this morning, we're going to show what happened in istanbul in immediate foshg custom focus. we're going to show you there was so much footage with this attack. you're going to see what the m.o. was with the terrorists. and the numbers are changing. you know that's just status quo in situations like that. you can't tell how many people are going to lose their lives so
2:51 am
quickly. there are over 140 people injured. so week going to take you through that immediate effect. but then we're going to look at what's going on in response. what was known about the threat level there. what do we know about here at home about similar threat levels at airports. airports are unique targets of opportunity. so we're going to look at all of those terror aspects and put it in the context of this election. the candidates are going to weigh in. whose plan is going to meet with the voters' demands in a situation like this. and the word "plan" agency you g as you guys were just pointing out is a defined term. people want to see who is going to get the enemy first. >> happening right now, eu pushing for britain to leave quickly art brexit vote. a leader makes a plea to stay. we're live -- next.
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happening now -- the european union leaders meeting for the second day after demanding a nonbinding resolution that britain get started on exiting the eu as soon as possible. prime minister david cameron present for yesterday's summit but he's not there today. but scotland's leader will be in brussels to make clear that the scottish people voted against brexit and will stay in the eu. erin mclaughlin in brussels with the latest all of this going on as the u.s. continues to keep its finger on the pause button to actually begin the process of leaving the eu. >> reporter: that's right, alison, today's meeting is historic. for the very first time 27 leaders of the member states are meeting without the uk. and last night, british prime minister david cameron's very last supper with the eu leaders.
2:57 am
and it was there that he sort of gave his opinion as to what went wrong from his perspective when it came to the referendum. he pointed to immigration saying that people in the uk were very concerned about the free movement of people and that europe is going to need to think about that in the future. now, in emergency room shg, te leaders here very much looking ahead. and they're looking at ways of bringing the ordinary people in these member states closer to the institutions here in europe. because they realize what played out in the uk could potentially happen elsewhere alison. >> we'll be watching to see what happens from these meetings. erin mclaughlin live from brussels. thanks. 57 minutes past the hour. time for an early start on "your money," stock markets finding a footing after falling off a cliff. u.s. stock futures are up, too. yesterday, the dow shot up 270 points. that's four days of triple digit
2:58 am
moves. we're showing you that there. the s&p and nasdaq closed about 2% higher. the world's second largest telecom company may leave the uk. vodafone says it may leave its british headquarters after the uk voted to leave the eu. vodafone said the membership has been an important factor in the company's growth. it makes 55% of pre-tax revenue in europe. only 11% from britain. a lot of people are asking how brexit feels to them. how they're going to feel in the u.s. here's a quick check. the 401(k), average investor lost 4%. you're seeing it lower mortgage rates. money is flowing out of riskier stock investments that is pushing interest rates down. you can get a 30-year fix the rate 3.5%. and cold comfort for british citizens but vacations got a lot
2:59 am
cheaper in you live in the united states. the pound sits at a 30-year low. new information on the turkey terror attack. "new day" starts now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. to our viewer it's in united states and around the world. this is "new day." and we have new footage and information surrounding the terror attack at turkey's busiest airport. at least 36 people are dead. more than 140 injured. in coordinated suicide explosions. >> the airport was a scene of a chaos and carnage hours ago. but it's already reopened to passengers. let's begin with senior >> reporter: hawaii, -- hi, alisyn. they've begun the process of identifying the attackers.
3:00 am
their bodies are pretty blown apart. they're working with, at the moment, just the lower half of their bodies. they believe they are foreign attackers, which throws out so many questions about their ability to move in and out of the country. it is early days, but the focus of the investigation now is, who are they, where did they come from, and where is that broader network that supported them. while the focus of the investigation is on the attackers' identities, for so many here and around the world, the focus is on those who were caught in the cross fire. take a look at this. a horrifying scene of carnage and destruction at turkey's busiest airport. three suicide attackers carrying out a deadly siege on tuesday night. the coordinated attack, captured by airport surveillance cameras. >> i just recognized the gunshots and then h


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